Free infertility webinar

Ave Maria Press is hosting us for a free webinar on Thurs., March 29 from 3-4 p.m. entitled, “Infertility: Spiritual Care and Practical Support for Catholic Couples.” We will be talking about how parishes and dioceses can best support couples bearing this cross.  Will you join us? Please click here to sign up:

On blogs and brownies

Welcome to our website! We are Carmen Santamaría and Angelique Ruhi-López, best friends from Miami who love to share our faith – and the occasional chocolate brownie. We have a lot in common (with a few differences of opinion, like whether dark or milk chocolate is better) but perhaps one of the most formative experiences of our friendship is walking the road of infertility. Though we walked this journey at different points and with varied experiences, we both felt called by God to write down our experiences so that other faithful Catholics could know that they are not alone in carrying this cross.

We compiled our research on the Catholic Church’s rich teachings on infertility and human dignity and combined them with our own personal testimonies and experiences to write The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples, which is scheduled to be published by Ave Maria Press in late March 2012 (just a few weeks away!)

In addition to the book, we have created this companion website (a companion for the companion, if you will) where we will post select portions of the book, update you on Church resources on the subject of infertility, as well as any speaking engagements we will be doing to promote the message of hope while bearing this cross. We pray that both the book and this site are as comforting as a warm, gooey chocolate brownie on a long, lonely day.


Please stay tuned as we prepare to share more information, stories, resources, and more to help you on your Catholic infertility journey.


Angelique & Carmen