Blogger meet-ups

Yesterday, we had the privilege of “meeting” two Catholic infertility bloggers: one via Skype and one in person. Earlier in the afternoon, we Skyped with the incredible E of A Martha Trying to Be a Mary in Mexico and the results of that conversation were truly amazing. Turns out we have a shared interest in creating more Spanish language infertility resources and thanks to the incredible work of the Holy Spirit,  it looks like that will be coming to fruition soon! She summarizes the details best here. We’d love it if you could please keep this intention in your prayers. And yes, God willing, we will be translating our blog into Spanish very soon!

In the evening, we were blessed to be able to have dinner with Chasing Joy and her family. It was so great to have been able to break bread together and meet them while they were in town. They are so sweet and, as long as we didn’t scare them away, we hope it will be just the first of many in-person gatherings with them whenever they return to Miami.

But… it looks like we’ll be the ones doing the “visiting” soon. We’ll reveal the details of what we mean by this soon but let’s just say that we’ll be making a few stops along the way, and the aforementioned lovely ladies will be just two of our hosts. Stay tuned…