The battle

We had a great run in our Blog Book Tour and took some time off to recover from our “travels!” Thanks so much to the great blogs that hosted us and enabled us to share a message of hope for this cross of infertility. We hope you will continue to visit these lovely blogs and get to know the bloggers as they share their faith and pour out their hearts.

The past few weeks have given us an opportunity to further reflect upon this experience of infertility and how it affects so many areas of our lives. Here’s one such reflection:

The battle
Lately, I’ve come to think about more imagery of war in my prayer life.  Infertility can be seen as an adversary.  Like any good adversary it sneaks up on you.  It slowly reveals itself to you.  Month after month, disappointment after disappointment, it shows itself more and more.  At some point, though, we are forced to see the enemy and call it by name.  I am infertile.  Unfortunately this is not like G.I. Joe where knowing is half the battle.  It seems that once infertility is named, it claims a stake at the center of our lives.  Charts, doctors’ appointments, the passing of the months; it’s all measured by infertility.  Before we know it the enemy is gaining ground on us – infertility is taking over.  It is up to us to stop.  We need to fight back and hard.  We need to put on some extra thick knee pads and pray.  Surrender.  Trust.  When we do these things they are triumphs in the war and we begin to see the tide turn.  The war may not be over but we are on our way and we can claim victory because we know that God is on our side and He has already won.

Announcing our blog book tour!

We’re going on a book tour – a blog book tour, that is.

blog tour

From April 18 to May 2, instead of posting on our own blog, we’ll be making our way through the Catholic blogosphere and making daily stops to talk about The Infertility Companion for Catholics at the following blogs:

April 18: Matching Moonheads

April 19: This Cross I Embrace

April 20:

April 21: Chasing Joy

April 22: Frustrated Musings of a Seemingly Calm Gal

April 23: Karen Edmisten

April 24: The Thin Veil

April 25: Making God Laugh

April 26:  Patiently Waiting…Kinda

April 27: Little Catholic Bubble

April 28: Infertility Options

April 29: Lavished with Lemons

April 30: Joy Beyond the Cross

May 1: Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry

May 2: A Martha Trying to Be Mary

Surprise stop along the way at: Infallible Blogma

We are very excited about the incredible bloggers who will be hosting us and we hope you will pay them a visit. We invite you to follow our virtual travels as we are interviewed, as our book is reviewed and as we offer guest posts related to the topics of infertility, miscarriage, adoption and more.

As an extra incentive, they will each be giving away a copy of The Infertility Companion for Catholics so please check them out!

Many thanks to our friends at Ave Maria Press for helping to make this blog book tour possible!