Parish/diocesan resources

How dioceses/parishes can support those experiencing infertility

  • Create increased diocesan-wide awareness of licit fertility treatments and adoption
  • Provide couples with good counsel and help for discernment in light of Church teaching
  • Infertility Mass/Prayer Service
  • Support Groups (infertility and/or miscarriage)
  • Adoption/foster care support

English Yahoo Group: Catholic Infertility Yahoo Group
Spanish Google Group: Apoyocatólico en infertilidad


Suggested Readings for Infertility Mass

First Reading – 1 Sam 1:9-19 – Hannah’s Prayer

Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 16:5, 8, 9-10, 11
Response: You are my inheritance, O Lord.

Gospel – Luke 1:5–25, 36–37 – Zechariah & Elizabeth

Infertility Mass – Prayers of the Faithful
Source: Archdiocese of Miami, 2012

  • For the Church, that she may continue guiding and accompanying the broken-hearted who suffer the pains of infertility, difficult pregnancy, miscarriage, still-birth, or the early death of a child, we pray to the Lord…
  • For our world leaders, that they may always defend human life from the moment of conception until natural death, and that they may promote a respect for the equal dignity of all human life, we pray to the Lord…
  • For medical professionals and ethicists, especially in our local community, that they may continue to remain faithful to the magisterium while seeking moral treatments to the underlying causes of infertility, we pray to the Lord….
  • For couples who have experienced the loss of a child, that they may find healing in their pain and hope in Jesus’ resurrection and promise of eternal life, we pray to the Lord…
  • For all couples bearing the cross of infertility, that they may find strength for the journey as they join their sufferings to Christ’s, we pray to the Lord…
  • For abandoned and orphaned children throughout the world, that God our Father may protect, care for, defend and keep them safe from harm as they wait in hope for their forever families, we pray to the Lord…
  • For the families and friends of couples struggling with infertility, that God will give them a compassionate heart as that of Simon the Cyrene and help their loved ones carry their cross, we pray to the Lord…

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