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  • Good Afternoon. I had an opportunity to listen to Carmen on the Busted Halo show and tried to call in without success. I am a Catholic Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist who practiced in the Fertility world, including IVF and Artificial Insemination for 15 years. I left the field in 2010 due to a conversion to a more authentic Catholic Faith in addition to some of the things that I was seeing. I am currently an OB Hospitlalist while seeking the funding to open the St Anne Center for Reproductive Health. Since the advent of the HHS mandate, I have established a blog/website (see above) and have been preparing a series known as the Commodification of Life. I have three purposes of this note. First, as I think (in pure humility) that I am the only one with these credentials speaking out about the intrinsic evil of ART, I wanted to make you aware of me. Second, I have a great interest in your book and wonder if you have some pointers about getting started. Finally, I would like to offer myself to you as a medical resource if you need. There are bound to be some questions, and I would be happy to assist any way I can.

    God Bless you! St Gianna, pray for us

    In Cristus Rex

    Anthony J Caruso, MD MPH

  • Thank you for this great resource. I am a General Practitioner and NaProTechnology Physician and I will be recommending this book to my clients. I have also ordered a book for our Bishop and each of our parish priests in Gibraltar. I wanted to congratulate you on sharing your stories and being a great support to many couples who face and will face the cross of infertility, as well as offering an abundance of clear information (in areas where we sometimes neglect to cover) for all who work in this field.

    I have added a link to your book and your website on my website, I hope this is ok with you.

    With very best wishes,

    Monique Risso

  • Patricia says:

    Dear sisters in Christ, I heard you being interviewed today on my local Catholic radio station (Baton Rouge, LA) I am very happy to hear that you have written a book on the subject of infertility. After trying to conceive for four years, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a hysterectomy at age 27. This was many years ago, but the pain of never conceiving remains…although with God’s grace, I try to use it for good, to console and to give hope to others.

    I don’t think anyone can comprehend the immense pain of infertility unless they have been there. I also think that infertility which is never resolved, as in my case, is uniquely painful, and I wonder if that is addressed in your book.

    I write a Catholic blog, and have a few posts on this topic. I wanted to share one of them with you, from the perspective of someone who will never experience giving life. I think that women in this subset of infertility are in some ways still isolated from those who do eventually conceive, or from those who suffer secondary infertility.

    Here is a link to my story:

    I have another very hopeful post entitled: She who was called barren is in her sixth month. Just do a search in the box on my blog if you care to read it.

    God bless you both, and your much-needed ministry. I will be writing a post about you and your book very soon.

    In Christ,

  • Dave Andersond says:

    I am a member of the Respect for All Life Committee at Christ the Servant Catholic Church in Woodridge, Illinois. Each year I try to inform our congregation about your website that could be of help to some of our women in need. Is the book “The Infertility Companion for Catholics” still available in bookstores and/or other locations? I would to write another piece at this time this year to get the word out about what is helpful and good for women who experience this need.
    Thank you
    Dave Anderson

    • Angelique says:

      Thanks for writing, Dave! Yes, the book is still available at some Catholic bookstores, online at and Barnes and Noble, and at our publisher, Ave Maria Press. Thank you for getting the word out. If you ever desire for us to come speak at your parish or diocese, please let us know!

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