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Carmen L. Santamaría and Angelique Ruhi-López are best friends from Miami, FL who have a lot in common, including the fact that they both have experienced the infertility journey firsthand.

Carmen Santamaría has been married to Alex since 2001.  The journey through a multitude of tests and diagnosis has challenged and strengthened their marriage.  Their desire to follow God’s will has given purpose to their difficulties and helped them to take comfort in their faith. They hope that by inviting readers to share in their journey others can find companionship and peace.  They have two biological children, Monica and Antonio Javier, and two adopted children, Victoria and Daniel. They experienced more than three years of secondary infertility following the birth of their second child and continue to face this challenge. Santamaría received a master’s degree in business administration and a juris doctor from the University of Miami where she served as executive editor of the International and Comparative Law Review. She is an attorney and edits for the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Angelique Ruhi-López has been married to Richard since 2003. They experienced infertility before deciding to adopt their first child, Emmanuel, from Vietnam. They also have three biological children, Sebastian, Madeleine, and Anabella. Ruhi-López holds a master’s degree in theology from Boston College. She served as an award-winning staff writer at La Voz Católica, the Spanish-language newspaper of the Archdiocese of Miami. Ruhi-López is a freelance writer for The Florida Catholic, and a blogger and web editor for the Archdiocese of Miami.

Our infertility journeys motivated us to write this book as a resource to provide answers on the Church’s view on acceptable treatments but also to provide encouragement and hope for the rocky road of infertility.

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